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NY Women’s Rights Are No Longer Safe. Let’s change that.

On the floor of our own NYS Senate, a Republican majority has put its personal beliefs before the rights of women by blocking the proposed Reproductive Health Act since 2013, as well as blocking the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act in 2016 and opposing the Achieve Pay Equity Law.

I’m Sara Niccoli, and I’m running for State Senate in SD-46. Your vote for me will be a step toward bringing  New York women’s rights back into the 21st century. Even though there are federal laws on the books guaranteeing women’s rights to earning equal pay for equal work and making family planning decisions, hardline Republicans like my opponent George Amedore have fought tooth and nail to chip away at them on a state level.

New York State is not alone in this phenomenon; research from the Guttmacher Institute has found that the number of challenges and restrictions to reproductive rights on state levels have skyrocketed in recent years.


Want specifics for New York? The Reproductive Health Act would proactively guarantee the right of New York State women to make decisions to preserve their health, and the freedom of qualified doctors who provide reproductive services. It would ensure that New Yorkers have the equivalent of Roe vs. Wade fully codified into state law.

George Amedore says that he’s anti-choice with “no-exceptions,” and is part of a Republican majority that has blocked the passage of the act.

The Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act would close loopholes that allow insurance companies to pick and choose which forms of birth control are covered under their plans. It would also force insurance companies to dispense up to 12 months of contraceptives at one time to patients, instead of requiring them to return to pharmacies for refills at one or three-month intervals. This small measure actually has been proven to reduce rates of unintended pregnancy by up to 30 percent; it makes a big difference people with jobs, school, or who live in a rural community far from a pharmacy. George Amedore voted against this act.

“Whether New York expands [women’s reproductive] rights… may all come down to who controls the state Senate in January.”

And although NY’s Achieve Pay Equity bill did end up passing in 2015, it wasn’t before George Amedore voted against equal pay for equal work a grand total of ten times.

If you live in SD-46, voting for me over my opponent is a significant action that you can take for women across our state. Regardless of what happens in the presidential election, where there’s a candidate saying that women “should be punished” for exercising their reproductive rights, we will be represented by a true advocate for women.

The decision is yours on November 8. Click here to receive updates from my campaign until then.

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