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Climate Change is Real. Do You Agree?

Climate change is real and it’s here, both for the planet as a whole and in New York’s SD 46.

I care: as a farmer, as a mother, and as a candidate to be your next State Senator. I’ve pledged to use my platform to address climate change and protect our natural resources. Your vote on November 8 can make a real, measurable difference on the environment.

Our own Department of Environmental Conservation has been talking about it:

Climate change is projected to especially disrupt the livelihood of our farmers, who are plentiful in our community: across Montgomery, Albany, Schenectady, Ulster and Greene counties, we have about 2,000 farms and over 325,000 acres of land dedicated to farming. Climate change means that important crops won’t grow, seasons will be disrupted, and more unpredictability will wreak havoc on businesses and families.

George Amedore doesn’t acknowledge the existence of climate change, and has barely even mentioned the word “environment” on social media in his time in office. And more importantly, he’s way down on the bell curve when it comes to his voting record; he’s rated as the 15th-worst member across our state’s 213 senators and assemblymembers by EPL/Environmental Advocates 2015 and 2016 scorecards. His score reflects his votes for cutting down New York’s wetlands, stalling the state’s effort to modernize our energy infrastructure, giving handouts to fossil fuel companies, and shortchanging the DEC on critical funding.

Enough is enough. The choices we make now will decide whether our children will have streams to play in, whether our food will grow, and whether we will have safe water to drink. As State Senator, I will fight to protect the environment for future generations.

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-Sara Niccoli

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