sara_purple_squareSara Niccoli is a mother, family farmer, and a small Town Supervisor. Sara grew up in a single-parent household in the Albany area. She received a top-notch education in the Albany public school system and received her Bachelor’s Degree from the State University at Albany, paying her way on waitressing tips. She went on to earn a Master of Public of Administration in Public Policy and Management at NYU’s Wagner School while working as a grantwriter at a local community development corporation.

Sara has devoted her career to building community in the nonprofit sector while raising her 13 year-old daughter, Olive, and running a second-generation farm with her husband, Sean, and mother-in-law, Pat. Sara currently serves as the Director of the NYS Labor-Religion Coalition, where she has successfully advocated for measures including raising the minimum wage and paid family leave. She is a proud member of the Executive Committee of the NYS Council of Churches.  In addition to being a sheep and vegetable farmer, Sara’s husband is a part-time rural letter carrier.

Sara Niccoli FamilySara serves as Supervisor in the Town of Palatine in Montgomery County. Going into her second term, Sara successfully united the community across party lines to address longstanding dysfunction and elect a new bi-partisan Town Council committed to transparency, accountability, and fiscal responsibility.

Like so many New Yorkers, Sara has always done double-duty in order to make ends meet. As a parent, she sees firsthand the impact of underfunding and overtesting in our public schools. As a local farmer she sees the challenges that small businesses face in an ever more competitive global market. As a Town Supervisor, she sees the hardships presented by high property taxes relative to income. As State Senator, Sara will fight to make sure that every New Yorker has access to quality public education, good jobs with benefits and a path to retirement, and elected representation that puts community ahead of outside corporate interests.