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For Our Future


Community Values

Mother, family farmer, Town Supervisor

Sara operates a second-generation farm in Montgomery County with her husband, Sean, mother-in-law, Pat, and 13-year-old daughter, Olive. Like many farmers, Sara and Sean also work off-farm to get the bills paid. Sean is a rural letter carrier and Sara directs a small not-for-profit. As Town Supervisor, Sara united the community to bring more transparency, accountability, and fiscal responsibility to local government.


Quality Education

Sara believes in quality public education

As a parent, Sara has seen firsthand the impact of systematic over-testing and under-funding in rural and small city schools. As Senator, Sara will fight for every child in New York State to receive full and fair funding for education while rolling back the current focus on high-stakes testing and the one size fits all approach to instruction. 

Good Jobs


Throughout the district, hardworking people are struggling. Sara will fight to create good jobs with benefits and a path to secure retirement. Full investment in broadband infrastructure is essential to growing local economies throughout the 46th.


Climate change is the defining global issue of thE century

The choices we make now will decide whether there will be streams for our children to play in, whether our food will grow, whether we will have water to drink, and whether diverse animal and plant species will continue to inhabit the region and the globe. As State Senator, Sara will fight for clean, renewable energy. 

Property Tax

Reducing an impossible burden on hardworking families

As Town Supervisor, Sara knows too well the hardships of residents unable to keep up with crushing property taxes imposed by unfunded state mandates. It’s time to shift the tax burden where it belongs and bring real tax relief to hardworking people across the 46th district. 


Small Business

Fighting for a thriving small business community

As Town Supervisor, Sara is too-often confronted with community members who have lost their family businesses, their jobs, and feel forced out of New York. Sara will fight to sustain and grow the number of small businesses and farms across the district through targeted tax relief and technical assistance programs.


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